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Give your web site a boost this Christmas

Will your web site be able to handle the Christmas rush?

What’s your ‘Amazon mitigation plan’ or your you just hoping your business will not be affected?

Are slow loading pages putting off your customers?

Upgrade to fast a VPS hosting plan

Enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade Virtual Private Server hosting and support.

  • A faster website is better for business. Enjoy better conversion rates
  • No commitment – you can downgrade at any time

  • Prices from $49/month. We’ll set up the VPS and migrate your site for free

  • Self managed or fully managed options. Or somewhere in between, if that works best for you 

  • Hosted in best-in-class infrastructure, trusted by the likes of Harvey Norman, Deakin University and Mortgage Choice

Try a VPS over the Christmas period and downgrade to shared hosting if you don’t think it made a difference.


Page Load Times – An optimised VPS hosting plan built on high quality tech can serve web pages more than twice as fast as the same pages on shared hosting.

Get a free, no obligation consultation

We’ll have a look at your current hosting set up, measure your web site’s performance and recommend a VPS plan (if you need one).